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Contact Person:


Hon. Ali Salim Khamis

AL-SADEF Founder and Member of Parliament (MP) of the United Republic of Tanzania

E-mail: zanzibarrep9@gmail.com Mobile: +255 777 414914



AL-SAHEL DEVELOPMENT FOUNDATION (ALSADEF) was officially registered by Registrar of Societies of Zanzibar Revolutionary Government under the Societies Act No. 6 of 1995. Its Registration Number is L.2606. AL-SADEF was solely established to provide quality education and affordable healthcare services in Zanzibar for the wellbeing of our people.


Majority of Zanzibaris are women, children and youths living under the poverty line and cannot afford healthcare expenses; some of them fail even to manage their essential daily meals. Out of commitment and passion, we ought to serve and save the people of Zanzibar by establishing a fully-fledged hospital to serve and save lives of our people. The hospital will be called AL-SAHEL HOSPITAL and will be situated in Mwanakwerekwe Constituency. It will be run and managed as a private hospital in a sense of being a non-governmental health facility.


ALSADEF is planning to be able to acquire modern medical facilities, supplies and equipment suitable for providing affordable hospital services. Our health services, among others, will include inpatient care, outpatient care, anatomical pathology services, clinical laboratory services, operating room services and other medical services. We will make sure that we recruit competent and qualified medical personnel.


To meet the needed requirements, ALSADEF will work closely with potential investors and solicit enough money to cover all start-up costs, medical supplies and equipment and recruit competent and qualified human resources. As for now, we have already secured a land where Al-Sahel Hospital will be built.

After the construction of hospital buildings, we plan to make sure that we acquire the suitable medical supplies and equipment, recruit employees, setup staffing management systems -including installations of electronic health record keeping systems. Moreover, Al-Sahel Hospital will always abide to the local and international rules and regulations.


Al-Sahel Hospital will be managed by a board, which will be comprised of members from Al-Sahel Development Foundation and medical personnel of Al-Sahel Hospital. The board will have 10 members with a Chairperson, Vice Chairperson and General Secretary chosen among board members. The board will be overseeing all hospital operations and management, including approving recruitments carried out by human resources department. The Director of Al-Sahel Hospital will be responsible for supervision and management of daily activities and report to the board. There will be an Annual General Meeting to discuss and deliberate on all hospital issues including electing new members.


Hospital employees will include a Hospital Director, medical doctors, nurses, a human resources manager, sales and marketing manager, accountants, hospital cleaners and other workers, such as IT specialists; to run the hospital smoothly and successfully. In order to run all health activities in an orderly manner, the hospital management will be organised and divided into departmental sections and units. Responsibilities and duties will be assigned according to professions and careers of our staff.


Al-Sahel Hospital will make sure that there is a conducive working environment for staff and patients with maximum and efficient customer care services. Regular training and in-service improvement will be attended with proper care and demands.


Therefore, ALSADEF is now inviting potential partners to come and invest in the hospital industry so as to provide affordable and quality healthcare in Zanzibar.


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