• Let’s collaborate in making this difference which should reap positive results.





Ladies and gentlemen

Assalaam Alaykum and very good morning  to you all.

First of all, let me take this opportunity by joining my colleagues in praising ALLAH who endowed us with good health  which enabled us to be here today.

Let me also thank ZADIA  for their dedication  and high degree of citizenship which has enbled them to facilitating  by promotinmg Zanzibari prpoblems . It is ZADIA who presented the agenda on the table  by convincing the UN on ethe situation of health amongst women and children in our country and ultimately lad to crafting of this proejct which today is taking off.

Special thanks go to our colleagues PURE  for their decision to support us on improving health sector . They have done a good job  and we tell themTHANK YOU VERY MUCH. Using its technical pool which included Drs; Elizabeth Hall, Naomasa Hase, Danielle Mitilsky, Dr. Tu Nguyen and Dr. Anthony Deen.  These are experts from Pennyslevania Hospital  in US. This Hospital, which is among the world classic Hospitals, has made it possible for us to get trainers. Your decision to come and join hands with us is not just a right one, but it is timely.

I wish also to express my sincere appreciation to UNICEF  for agreeing to support by covering the costs for this project- which today we are here sharing the joy of  inaugurating.

BIG Thanks to you UNICEF. You have been exemplary partner in  this area in our country. Personally, I am the one among the beneficiaries of the water project at Mwanakwerekwe C area as the project is within my Partliamentary constiotuency. This has lessened my role and  thus, my role was just to procure a transformer for water distribution in the area.  

Dear Guest of honor,  I will have not made any justice if I donn’t thank the entire health team, including nurses  for their dedication. This has contributed a great deal in makinmg this project a reality today. Its my sincere hope that you will continue this coorpration and dedication in sustaining this project so that more people benefit from this enormous support. You will indedd, use these machines appropriately and thus, ensuring that our hospital  manages the cases without refering to other hospitals unnecessarily.

Our two charity organizations are Non business oriented and that is why my Organization ‘AL-SAHEL DEVELOPMENT FOUNDATION”  has agreed to partner with ZADIA for the sake of serving Zanzibaris and especially the marginalised ones. AL – SAHEL DEVELOPMENT FOUNDATION   is highly proud for being associated withis event and the like.  We believe that with these three mobile ultra sound machines and the training provided for Micheweni, Chake Chake and Wete Hospitals, marks the  beginning of this good relationships

Dear Guest of honor, Its is my sincere believe that this support will be used wisely so that more people benefit from the services which other wise, they would need to travel far searching for the service.

Lastly, my humble request to the beneficiaries is that, this suppport is for you. So give it justice it deserves by using it wisely so that in the long run, there is significnat decrease of deaths especially for children and women.


Thank you for your attention.