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about us





1. Introduction

Al-Sahel Development Foundation (ALSADEF) is a non-governmental organization (NGO) solely founded to improve development of poor, underprivileged and marginalized communities in Zanzibar, alongside promoting environmental conservation endeavors.
ALSADEF is officially registered by the Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar under the Societies Act No. 6 of 1995. Its registration number is L.2026.

2. Vision

Having healthy and developed communities living in a sustainable environment.

3. Mission

Empowering less fortunate societal groups and grass root communities through provision of quality education, affordable healthcare and adapting sustainable environmental conservation.

4. Main Goals

• Establishing vocational training centers and improving educational programs that target youth development initiatives.

• Working with the government to provide affordable and efficient healthcare services and conducting in-service training to health providers and staff at their respective health facilities.

• Conducting environmental conservation awareness and initiatives.

• Collaborating with local and international partners and institutions with the same or related ambitions

5. Core Values

- Gender equality

- Inclusion

- Consistent learning

- Networking

6. Key Ongoing Activities

• Providing ultrasound education and application in government health facilities in order to enhance maternal and childcare services across Zanzibar.

• Conducting training workshops to adapt and mitigate climate change impacts in Zanzibar.

• Establishing and constructing a standard and central health facility in Zanzibar.

• Establishing and constructing vocational training centers to nurture youth talents and open up their employment opportunities for them.

• Mobilizing formation of income-generating initiatives for the marginalized societal groups, especially young people, women, elderly and the disabled.

• Forming partnerships with local and international organizations, firms and individuals that have common goals and interests.

• Networking with grass root communities

7. Slogan

“Now is Time to Invest”